Colleges Report Increases in International Applications
Colleges Report Increases in International Applications

Forty-three percent of colleges reported an increase in applications from international students from 2020, according to a survey from the Institute of International Education that garnered 414 responses.

While the vast majority of responding institutions (90 percent) expect to offer in-person learning for international students in the fall, many institutions intend to offer flexible options to international students should they not be able to travel to a U.S. campus due to visa or travel-related issues. Seventy-seven percent of institutions are offering deferment to the spring semester, and 47 percent said they would offer international students the opportunity to take classes online until they are able to come to campus. Five percent are offering international students the opportunity to start their classes at an international branch or partner campus.

Colleges are taking a “cautious” approach to resuming in-person study abroad, according to a report on the survey. Forty-nine percent of responding institutions indicated they expect to offer in-person study abroad this fall, while 54 percent said the same for next spring. A large proportion of colleges remained undecided.

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